Auto Collision Repair: 3 Common Myths Exposed

There are several common myths that surround the topic of auto collision repair. Unfortunately, these myths often cause accident victims to make poor decisions regarding the repair of their vehicle after being involved in a serious collision. In many cases, these decisions may also result in unnecessary out-of-pocket expenses for these accident victims. By learning the truth behind these common myths, you will be able to avoid making these same mistakes.

Myth #1: You Are Only Responsible for Paying Your Deductible

Your deductible is just one of several out-of-pocket expenses that you may be responsible for covering. Understanding what your insurance company will pay for, and what expenses they will ultimately pass along to you, can help you to make much better decisions regarding which repairs you choose to authorize.

Insurance companies routinely charge betterment fees to offset the cost of making repairs that ultimately improve the condition of your car beyond the damage that was done during the accident. For instance, if your tires are damaged as a result of your accident, replacing partially worn tires with brand new ones will improve your vehicle's condition beyond what it was prior to your accident.

In this situation, your insurance company will only pay as much as your old tires were worth and charge you any remaining costs associated with replacing the tires. These additional costs are considered a betterment fee and must be paid in addition to your deductible. However, you may be able to avoid paying these fees by simply accepting a settlement in the amount the insurance company is willing to pay for your tires and then using this money to purchase a pair of used tires rather than buying brand new ones.

Myth #2: You Must Take Your Vehicle to the Repair Shop Your Insurance Company Chooses

It is quite common for insurance companies to ask you to take your vehicle to a specific auto shop to be repaired. The problem is, this request often sounds like a direct order rather than the recommendation that it is. Consequently, many accident victims will feel as though they have no choice in where there vehicle is repaired. Do not fall into this trap! The choice of where your vehicle is repaired will always remain yours to make. While your insurance company may prefer that you choose a specific repair shop due to their existing relationship with that business, they cannot force you to comply with their request.

Myth #3: You Must Obtain Multiple Estimates Before You Can Proceed with Repairs

This is perhaps the most common myth out there regarding auto collision repair. This is because there was a point in time when requiring multiple estimates was business as usual within the insurance industry. However, thanks to insurance reform laws, this practice has been extinct for quite some time now. Nowadays, you are only required to obtain and submit one estimate from the auto repair shop of your choice.

If there is any question regarding the validity of your initial estimate, the insurance company has the right to obtain another estimate. However, the burden of obtaining this secondary estimate will fall on the insurance company, not on you. For more information, contact Auto Body By Duie LLC