Tips For Finding An Auto Repair Shop

Whether you’ve been involved in a fender bender that left your bumper pretty dinged up, or you had a run-in with a shopping cart and the side of your car is covered with scratches, you suddenly find yourself in need of an auto repair shop (such as Central Body Co Inc). After looking around, you […]

Repairing A Small Dent In Your Vehicle’s Body

If you recently had the misfortune of having a tree branch hit your vehicle or if someone threw a baseball and missed their target, hitting your vehicle instead, you may have received a dent in the body that will needs repairing. Small dents caused by impact may be able to be repaired on your own with the help of a few […]

Auto Collision Repair: 3 Common Myths Exposed

There are several common myths that surround the topic of auto collision repair. Unfortunately, these myths often cause accident victims to make poor decisions regarding the repair of their vehicle after being involved in a serious collision. In many cases, these decisions may also result in unnecessary out-of-pocket expenses for these accident victims. By learning […]