How To Hide Rust Damage For A Few Days On Your Classic Car

Part of classic car restoration is dealing with that inevitable by-product of time and weather: rust. Having rust damage on your classic vehicle can ruin the aesthetic and riding around in a car with obvious rust damage can be embarrassing, When you don't have the time or money to get to a classic car restoration expert immediately, you may want to try a (very) temporary solution to hide the rust until you can have it professionally repaired.  By keeping the rust hidden as well as possible until you can get it fixed by a professional, you won't have to be quite as uncomfortable driving around in your vehicle. 

Hiding The Rust Damage

The easiest, fastest way to hide a spot of rust is simply to use a piece of plain copy paper, scissors, tape and markers or spray paint. 

Start by cutting the paper in a shape that is similar to the shape of the rust spot. It should be slightly larger that the spot itself.

Use spray paint or markers to color the paper the same color as your car's paint job. Wait a few minutes for the paint or ink to dry. 

Use tape to secure the paper in place. steer clear of brightly color tape. Packing tape or even masking tape are a better choice. Depending upon where exactly the damage is on your car, you might be able to secure the paper more firmly by sticking the tape on the inside of the car's frame. 

After you've taped the paper over the rust spot, you'll notice that it is harder to tell that there is rust damage, especially if the car is in motion or you are looking at it from a distance. 

Don't Wait Too Long to Get It Fixed

Even though you have a temporary solution to keep the rust damage from being as visible as it once was, this doesn't mean that you've actually done anything to solve the problem of having rust damage. If you allow the problem to go without professional intervention for an extended period of time, the problem can get worse, and the rust spot can get bigger. this is especially true when your car is around high humidity, rain, or snow. 

This solution to making your rust damage more invisible will only buy you a couple of days or maybe even a week if the weather in your area stays relatively dry and pleasant. Getting your car to an expert in car restoration is critical. One company that performs this service is Ray Donch Body Werks Inc.