3 Reasons To Use Soda Blasting On Cars

If you need to blast paint, rust, or grease off of car parts, then you have to choose a medium that will do an effective job without causing any damage to your vehicle. Soda is a reliable choice.

Here you blast sodium bicarbonate at the area you want to work on. The media blasting machine uses controllable air pressure to push this soda onto the surface.

What are its benefits?

1. Soda Doesn't Need Any Cleaning Prep

If you are blasting off old paint or rust before repainting your car, then you might need to do some cleaning work before you can start the blasting process. Some blasting techniques don't work well on greasy, oily, or very dirty surfaces.

If you don't have a clean surface to blast, then you could get uneven results. Even if the surface looks good, it could contain tiny particles and bits of dirt residue that will affect your new paint job. So, you will have to find time to clean the parts of your car that you want to blast.

Soda has a big advantage here. It is a natural degreaser. It will clean during a blast. So, you'll have less prep work, you can blast faster, and you won't have any surface contamination concerns.

2. Soda Is Effective But Gentle

You should take extra care when you choose blasting media for a vehicle. While some auto parts can cope with a very abrasive medium, others need a gentler touch.

For example, thinner bodywork areas don't always cope well with high-abrasive blasting. The media doesn't just remove rust or paint. It can also damage the underlying surface of the metal. If a media is too hard and is applied with too much force, then it can leave dings behind.

Soda blasting is a lot more gentle. An experienced technician can even remove a top coat of paint and leave the undercoat intact.

However, soda is also an effective blasting medium. It can remove dirt, oil, grease, rust, and paint. You get a non-damaging and effective clean.

3. Soda Helps Prevent Flash Rusting

You can develop problems with flash rust after using some abrasive media. Here, the metal goes through a chemical process that makes it start to rust soon after it is stripped down. You'll have to immediately treat the area or put on a primer to prevent this from happening.

Soda actually helps prevent flash rust. You can leave a powdery coat behind to protect the metal. You buy yourself more time.

To learn more about soda media blasting, talk to a local auto shop.