Signs You Need To Replace Your Auto Glass

Your vehicle's windshield and other auto glass are essential safety features that protect you and your passengers from flying debris. Unfortunately, most car owners risk causing a car crash by failing to replace broken or damaged auto glass. Some drivers fail to recognize when to replace their auto glass.

Here are the telltale signs you need to replace your auto glass.

Obstructed Vision

Driving requires maximum concentration since a simple mistake can result in a car crash. One of the ways to ensure safe driving is to have a clear windshield. Small chips from flying stones and cracks on your windscreen compromise vision. For instance, when driving on a busy highway, chips on your windscreen may appear like oncoming vehicles, and reacting to this illusion could result in a car accident. Therefore, if your vision often gets compromised due to your windshield as you drive, visit an auto body shop for auto glass replacement.

Broken and Missing Parts

If parts of your auto glass are not intact, you are putting yourself and your passengers at risk of flying debris. Similarly, missing pieces allow in moisture, pests, and dirt as you drive or when your vehicle is parked. This can be annoying, and the only solution is to replace your vehicle's auto glass. Auto glass replacement components come complete and fill all spaces in your vehicle, ensuring safety.

Signs of Pitting on Your Windscreen

If you often drive on a heavy traffic road, your windscreen is at high risk of pitting from debris and stones cast off by other cars. At first, it may be difficult to notice signs of pitting with naked eyes. However, after continued windscreen exposure to small rocks and debris, pitting on your windscreen may become visible, especially during dawn and dust. Pits scatter light from the sun, causing a reflection that may compromise your vision. This can spell trouble if you lose focus while on the road. To ensure your safety, visit an auto body shop and have your auto glass replaced as soon you notice signs of pitting.

Futile Repair

If your auto glass was damaged due to impact, and you got it repaired, but it did not take its initial shape, this is a sign the repair was unsuccessful. Driving with such an auto glass is risky, as you could run into a pedestrian or cause a car crash. The best course of action is to get an auto glass replacement.

Irrespective of how your auto glass was damaged, don't compromise your safety by opting for a quick fix. The right step to take is to replace your car's glass. Repairing your broken auto glass may offer a temporary solution, but if you notice any of the above signs, have your auto glass replaced immediately. 

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