What To Expect When Having Your Car Detailed

If you have a car that you want to look nice but just don't have the time to wash and wax it every weekend and keep up with cleaning the interior as you should, you may want to consider finding someone offering auto detailing in your area. Often detailers will have several package options, and in some areas, the detailers will even come to your location to do the work. 

Exterior Detailing

If you are having your car detailed, washing the car is far from the only thing the auto detailing shop in your area should be doing. The detailer will wash the car, remove tar or other tough dirt from the paint, and wax the car for you. Often a detailing shop will offer other exterior services like applying ceramic coatings to the paint to protect it, and a good auto detailing shop will take the time to clean areas that you might not expect.

Auto detailing shops take the time to look at the areas between the body panels, under the hood, and inside the door jams when the door is open. The idea is to clean every inch of the car so that dirt and other contaminants can damage the vehicle's paint and body can be removed, extending the life of the vehicle for as long as possible. A good detail shop may take an entire day to clean your car, but the vehicle will be as clean as it was coming off the assembly line when they are done. 

Interior Detailing

The car's interior offers some specific challenges, but the auto detailing shop in your area will be able to address the interior challenges for you. Cars with specialty interiors may require protectants for the cloth or leather used in the car, the carpeting may need shampooing, and often dust settles in cracks and crevices, so finding an auto detailing shop that will address these areas is critical. 

Leather often cracks over time, so the detailer may treat the surface with a protectant to keep the leather soft, so it does not crack in the sun. The dash can be another area of concern because the sun beats down on it all day, but your detailer will have some cleaners and treatments to help with that as well. 

When the interior detailing is complete, there should be no dust or dirt inside the car, and all the fabric, leather, and other surfaces should be treated so they are protected from future damage. How often you take your vehicle to an auto detailing shop in your area is up to you, but talk to your detailer to determine how often they need the car in the shop to keep it in top condition.

For more information, contact an auto detailing shop in your area today.