Did A Shopping Cart Crash Into Your Car? Get An Estimate Before Damages Get Worse

Parking lots can be the home of a lot of auto body accidents. Collisions with other cars or cart holders and wild shopping carts can cause damage to the car, both minor and severe. If your car was scraped up by a loose shopping cart, there are a few reasons why you don't want to let it go, and why you need to get your car into the shop right away. You don't want a small scratch or some denting to become something more difficult to fix, so be aware of the following things.

Scratches can Peel and Grow

Once the paint has been removed from the vehicle, it's going to be easier for it to chip away and become a bigger scratch. You don't want a scratch that is something that could be buffed to become something that grows and then has to be repainted. Get the vehicle in right away to see if the scratches can be easily repaired, before they become a bigger problem.

The Dents Could be Causing Mechanical Problems

If there is a dent or dents around the vehicle from the shopping cart, and they hit the mechanical box of the window or the locking system, this could cause mechanical problems. You don't want to find out that you can't roll down the window or open the door until you need them to work.

You Don't Want a Devalued Car

You don't want to be driving around a vehicle that is devalued, especially if you have a loan out on the vehicle. You want to get the vehicle fixed so that the vehicle is still worth what you are paying on it, or what is owed on it. Talk with the vehicle repair expert about the quote, the cost for each service, and if the car is going to look normal again.

Depending on the panel that was damaged by the shopping cart and the year and make of your car, the auto body professional may be able to call around to junk yards and just replace the panel. This means that it wouldn't need to be painted and you wouldn't have to stress about getting the dent out. You could also call around and do the busy work if you are on a tight timeline to get it fixed. If you walked out of a store and saw a cart smashed against your car, causing damages, get an estimate from an auto body repair shop right away.