Three Ways That Powder Coating Your Car Is Superior To Traditional Paint

Most people are basically familiar with the term powder coating, knowing that it's a way to apply color to something. Powder coating uses a process where very fine particles of pigment are electrostatically attached to a a surface, and heat is used to complete the application. While many people think powder coating is similar to painting, it turns out that it couldn't be further from it. In fact, powder coating is better than paint in just about every way. While just about anything can be powder coated, one of the most popular things people use it for today is automobiles.

Here's a look at just a few of the ways that powder coating is superior to traditional paint for your automobile.


Powder coating will put down a layer that's nearly twice as thick as paint, meaning it stands up to road wear much better. When most vehicles are subject to constant dings from other cars, chips from rocks kicked up on the road and more, it's not hard to see why powder coating is the better choice here. It's not terribly difficult for a painted car to get a chip, but that's much less of an issue with powder coating. Having this durability is important, because powder coating can't be touched up the way paint can.


One of the biggest advantages that powder coating has over paint in general is its flexibility. That's what makes is such a great option for vehicles. Cars have to withstand a lot of vibrations and movement as they roll down the road, which can wear down paint over time. If a painted surface is bent, it's very likely to cause cracks in the paint. Powder coating can bend and flex without causing any visible flaws.


Powder coating will generally cost less than traditional paint primarily because there's no wasted product. In fact, any overspray in powder coating can be reused! With liquid paint, there's always going to be a good bit of paint that's lost, even with a professional handling the job, and there's no way to reclaim that lost paint. In addition, the base required for powder coating is significantly more cost effective than the base used for regular paint.

If you need a new paint job for your vehicle, it's not hard to see why powder coating is going to be your best bet! It's not only cheaper than paint, but more durable, easier to install, and better for wear over time!

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