Tips For Finding An Auto Repair Shop

Whether you've been involved in a fender bender that left your bumper pretty dinged up, or you had a run-in with a shopping cart and the side of your car is covered with scratches, you suddenly find yourself in need of an auto repair shop (such as Central Body Co Inc). After looking around, you have received different estimates from different shops, and those estimates can vary greatly. You might be tempted to pick the one that offers the cheaper estimate, but then you wonder if there's a reason why the price is so much lower.

How do you know which repair shop to go with? Here are some tips that will help you find a reputable auto repair shop.

Keep Your Ears Open

Advertisements can be handy for locating an auto repair shop; however, they don't necessarily tell you whether or not a shop is reputable. Any shop, even one that offers dicey services, can post a great advertisement that will grab your attention, but when you get your car back, you find that the work isn't up to par or that you were swindled.

Ask for recommendations from friends, family members and co-workers. You'll likely do far better choosing a shop that people you know and trust have had a good experience with. You might be surprised to find that you'll get a far better price and much better service from an individually owned shop than you would from a chain.

Shop Around

Don't go with the first shop that offers a great price. You need to do due diligence in order to find a shop that offers both a great price and provides high quality services. Shop around and bring the estimates you have received from other shops to the table. A reliable repair shop may be willing to match prices, which means that you'll get the best of both worlds—a great price and excellent service.

Be Informed

Make sure you know what type of questions to ask so you can make the best informed decision. Of course, you want to ask about pricing and the amount of time it will take to get the job done, but you should also find out about things like warranties and whether or not the shop will work with your insurance (if your insurance will cover any of the repairs, that is.)

You should also inquire about the materials the shop uses. Will they be new parts or will aftermarket parts be used? New parts are obviously the best, but if the repair is small, aftermarket parts could save you a bundle.

Trust Your Gut

If you get a feeling that the shop isn't reliable, there's a reason you are feeling that way. If the place is really slow, maybe it's because they don't do great work. If the shop is a mess, it could reflect on the type of work they will do on your car. If the person you are dealing with is seems bothered by your questions and your presence, he or she will likely be bothered by working on your car. If you notice any red flags, scratch that shop off your list.

With these tips in mind, you can find the best auto repair shop for your specific needs.